Jonathan's Journey Through Art

Dinosaur Skeleton, 1994
Bluebird, 1995
The Hindenburg, 1997
Boy Eating Ice Cream, 1998

Man by the Moon, 1998
Woman in Armchair, 1999
Melissa, 1999
In 1999, Jonathan suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. This greatly impaired his artistic abilities, but as can be seen here, he has since made incredible strides.

My Conscience, 2000
Playing Guitar, 2001
Self Portrait IV, 2003
Self Portrait Series III, 2004

Mystery on Orange Street, 2007
Snowball Fight, 2011
Abandoned Wheelchair, 2012
Life on the Upswing, 2015

Music and Art II, 2016
Flowers in Vase IV, 2017
Peggy's Cove Lighthouse, 2017
Seasons of Fruit Autumn, 2017

Flowers of Longwood Gardens Collection, 2018
Roses, 2019
Wilson Drive, 2020
Finding Peace, 2021